tiny town

The adventures of Tiny Town all started with a small, newly three legged terrier mix, Gilly, in the big city of Los Angeles back in 2010. From there it was a mix of rescues, street dogs, and fosters that would coin the nickname 'Tiny Town' for the clan of small to medium sized dogs at the house. The nickname stuck and within the foster community the clan became known as the 'Tiny Town' residence. Rescue and fostering is a passion that is the cornerstone of Tiny Town and what eventually inspired Adria and Ryan to start Tiny Town Pet Supply.

From dogs with special dietary needs to super seniors like the company mascot (the late, great) Grandpa Bob, Adria and Ryan had a simple desire to provide their pups with premium, healthy treats. Tiny Town Pet Supply is not just a treat company. They're focused on providing quality products, educating pet owners, and helping people understand the joys of pet ownership through rescue and fostering.

Adopt. Don't Shop.